Meet the Guppies – Malice Domestic 2022 (pt. 3)

Meet the Guppies – Malice Domestic 2022. Meeting some of my favorite authors face-to-face. #cozymystery #MaliceDomestic #Malice2022

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Welcome to Part Three of my first Malice Domestic experience. After these past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, what a joy to travel and meet people face-to-face again. Of course, as you may have read in Part Two, I headed into the party already flying high after talking with a literary agent and being asked to send my partial manuscript. So, let’s get social!

Day 2 continued – Meet the Guppies

As a Sisters in Crime member for the past three-plus years, I’ve also held membership in the online Guppy chapter. If you are a mystery/crime writer, check out the Guppies. Named for the Great UnPublished, it is a community of published and unpublished authors helping each other in every imaginable way, from the writing craft and process to publication and beyond. This community offers a great way to connect with other writers and endless learning opportunities.

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Pre Malice on the Guppies forum, there was so much excitement about an in-person Guppies gathering. Teresa Inge hosted our little cocktail and snacks party with hospitality and charm in her suite. Check out her short stories featuring southern, kick-butt female sleuths and her Mutt Mysteries Series. What fun to meet everyone face-to-face! You, too, can meet the Guppies through their books. Here are a few must-read Guppy authors with new books on pre-order or just released: Ellen Byron/Maria DiRico (BAYOU BOOK THIEF – a Vintage Cookbook Mystery), Leslie Karst (THE FRAGRANCE OF DEATH – a Sally Solari Culinary Mystery), and Marilyn Levinson/Allison Brook (DEATH ON THE SHELF – a Haunted Library Mystery).

This group of authors is so friendly and supportive. I felt welcome and amazed. Not to mention awestruck!

More Malice Domestic 2022 to come

Part four of this article series is coming soon. Stay tuned! Catch up with Part One–First Experience and Part Two—Lit Agent Meetup.

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