Hummingbirds – Mama Feeds New Hatchlings – Video

Watch this amazing up-close video of a mama hummingbird feeding her newly hatched baby hummingbirds. Experience nature. #hummingbirds #hummingbirdnest Video below.

Mama Hummingbird with Babies - FI 1280x853

Hummingbirds Nesting Outside Our Bedroom Window

Back in 2017, our two cats, Jinx and Josie, suddenly were spending a lot of time in our bedroom window. Imagine our surprise and delight to find a mama hummingbird building a nest in the fuchsia plant. We couldn’t believe she would build her nest mere inches from the onlooking cats.

In the first nesting, only one of the eggs hatched, but since then, we’ve had two nests a year with two baby hummingbirds each. It’s been exciting to watch the mama take care of her eggs, turning them, and sitting the nest. When the babies hatch, they are so tiny, featherless, with bulging closed eyes, looking like something prehistoric. We’ve watched this mama and her babies for four seasons, and this pair makes hummer babies 12 and 13.

Hummingbird Eggs - Newly Hatched Hummingbirds

I’ve taken boatloads of pictures and some videos, but this video is truly something special. You will see mama feed her newly hatched baby birds. The first baby to feed hatched the afternoon prior and the second hatched about 30 minutes before the filming of this video. If you watch closely, you will see a piece of the eggshell clinging to the neck of the second baby hummingbird. Later in the video, mama bird will pull the eggshell off the baby and eat it for the calcium.

Baby Hummingbirds in the nest

Watch the Video

The video was shot through the window screen—inches away from the action. I’m still stunned at how lucky I got. Enjoy!

The following photo is of one of our baby hummingbirds just after she left the nest and went to the top of the fuchsia plant and creeping charlie right before she made her first flight.

Baby Hummingbird just out of the nest

I hope you’ve been amazed by this extraordinary hummingbird video. Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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