Holiday-themed Six-Word Stories 2021

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The Chicks celebrated the holidays with a festive party and a fun game of Guess the Author. We wrote (mostly) holiday-themed six-word stories, and we wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

Six-Word Stories

holiday-themed six-word stories candy canes and holly

Found alive! Young woman, born 1906. ~ Michaele Bialon

Mistletoe dangled in the convent’s doorways. ~ Lisa Webb

“Santa’s coming!” Milk and cookies plated. ~ Sherry Bridges Clitheroe

Christmas Eve. He asks, “Marry me?” ~ Leslie Peterson

holiday-themed six-word stories books and Santa hat

Low-ceiling panic erupted at Reindeer Disco. ~ Lisa Webb

Free sweet dreams kit. Orbitoclast included. ~ Michaele Bialon

Crewless barge found in Bermuda Triangle. ~ Jill Van

“Ho-ho-ho!” Bell-ringing Santa elicits clanging coins. ~ Sherry Bridges Clitheroe

holiday-themed six-word stories holly

Wrong name tag. No! Too late. ~ Leslie Peterson

Who invited Ray to Frosty’s funeral? ~ Lisa Webb

No Santa. But Dad came home. ~ Leslie Peterson

Holiday disappearances at reasonable prices. ~ Jill Van

holiday-themed six-word stories red berry

Crackling lights set the tree ablaze. ~ Sherry Bridges Clitheroe

Santa caught holding poinsettia. Plant stand? ~ Sherry Bridges Clitheroe

Check one: Male, Female, Non-binary, Strborg. ~ Michaele Bialon

The glossy red present unwrapped itself. ~ Lisa Webb

holiday-themed six-word stories snowman

Once for yes, twice for no. ~ Jill Van

Tracks disappear. Above, reindeer fly. ~Leslie Peterson

Christmas Goose chose the Brazilian wax. ~ Lisa Webb

Snowmen invited. Frosty carrot soup served. ~ Sherry Bridges Clitheroe

Which story is your favorite?

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From the Chicks to you and yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We wish you a bright New Year. Learn more about Chick Crits.

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