Chick Crits – Women’s Fiction Critique Group

Chick Crits – women’s fiction critique group. A fiction critique group and writing workshop supporting authors of women’s fiction novels for traditional publication. #writing #critiquegroup

Chick Crits - Women's Fiction Critique Group - Writing Workshop

Introduction to Chick Crits

Chick Crits is a fiction critique group supporting authors writing women’s fiction in any of the following genres: chick lit, historical, humor, literary, mystery, romance, suspense, thriller, and upmarket. The group is project-oriented for authors who are writing a novel intended for traditional publication.

Our group membership size is a maximum of eight. We want writers who are dedicated and committed to their projects for the sake of continuity and fairness to everyone’s work. Therefore, please know that this group is not for the casual writer and does not offer the flexibility to drop in whenever you want.

Please note the following:
• Annual membership dues are $25.00 to cover costs and are non-refundable.
• Read all the information in this booklet before applying for group membership.
• Once your application is approved, you are welcome to participate in two meetings before paying dues.
• If the group is currently full, we’d be happy to add you to our waiting list.
• If you have any questions about the group or application process, please contact us at

Commitment Expectation

Since our group is small and designed to support each other’s writing goals, each member’s commitment is essential. Please consider participation in this group equal to that of attending a class. Everyone is expected to attend meetings, do the readings, and provide critiques. If you miss a meeting, you are still expected to do the readings, and critiques for each meeting missed to ensure continuity with everyone’s work and critiques.

We understand that life happens! If extenuating circumstances prevent someone from attending for a period of time, then we’ll address these situations as they arise.

Application Process

We use a screening process to ensure each member’s level of commitment, writing experience, and compatibility. To apply for group membership, please email with the following information:
• Ten to fifteen pages, double-spaced, of your current project or best recent work (not professionally edited).
• Describe the project you are working on or plan to start. If you are currently working on a project, please tell us how far along you are, i.e., word count.
• Please list information related to your writing and critiquing experience, such as classes, jobs, workshops, publications, awards, organizations, writing groups, etc.


• Platform: Our meetings are held online using Zoom. We ask that everyone use audio and video so we can collaborate face-to-face in our virtual meeting environment. We use a recurring meeting link that is provided to each member.
• Meeting Day: Every Wednesday except for holidays.
• Meeting Time: 6:30-9:00 p.m. (PT)

Meeting Critique Process

• Our critiquing process uses a double-critique system.
• At the meeting, the author will read her/his work aloud.
• Following the reading, Chick Critiquers will each have 5 minutes to offer a verbal critique/ask questions. The author does not talk during this time.
• After critiques, we’ll have a 10-minute cross-talk, opened by the author, to address points that came up during the reviews, questions, and additional thoughts.

Our motto: Critique with honesty and fairness, peck prudently.

New Member Orientation

If desired, we can schedule a new member orientation to go over the group guidelines and answer any questions.

For More Information

If you’d like to receive a full brochure or need further information, please send us an email:

You are also welcome to read our meeting notes: Click Here

Thank you for your interest, and happy writing!

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  1. Donna Eibel

    I am very interested in joining your ChickCrits group. I have been working on a romance suspense novel for multiple years while raising my kids. It’s now completed with a word count of 120,000.
    I’ve taken creative writing classes from our community College, was a member of a writing group (that dwindled down to just me) and this year attended – virtually- Chicago Writers Day Workshop and Florida Writer’s Day Workshop.
    I paid additional to have both my query letter and the 1st – 10 pages of the manuscript critiqued at the Florida conference.
    I was impressed your main page states that each member is expected to be serious about pursuing traditional publication and expected to offer feedback on multiple chapters.
    Please let me know if I’d be a good fit to your existing co-writers.
    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing back.

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