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Meet the Guppies – Malice Domestic 2022 (pt. 3)

Welcome to Part Three of my first Malice Domestic experience. After these past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, what a joy to travel and meet people face-to-face again. Of course, as you may have read in Part Two, I headed into the party already flying high after talking with a literary agent and being asked to send my partial manuscript. So, let's get social!


Dorothy Cannell Scholarship Winner

When a friend emailed me about the Dorothy Cannell Scholarship awarded by Sisters in Crime with the opportunity to attend the Malice Domestic mystery conference, I knew I had to apply. And a few weeks later, I received another email with the subject line, CONGRATULATIONS!


Plantser Writing Process: Plotter and Pantser

Typically, as a writer, you hear of two different camps regarding the writing process. You're either a Plotter or a Pantser. There is no right or wrong; it's merely a preference in how you like to write. But today, I'd like to put forth a third option to which I have recently become very fond—the Plantser writing process.