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18 July Meeting Notes and News for Cozy CRIT-ters—a critique group for cozy mystery authors. #CozyCRITters #cozymystery #CozyMysteryCritiqueGroup

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Meeting Notes:

Saturday Critique virtual meeting via Zoom. Seven people attended: Anne S. (read Chapter 2 of her Cozy WIP), Dianne L., Julie B., Karen W., Lisa W., Sharon N., and Sherry C. (read Chapter 4 of Time’s Up for Father Time).

Attendance & Reading Schedule

  • Tonya A.
  • Sharon N.
  • Julie B.
  • Lisa W.
  • Dianne L.
  • Karen W.
  • Anne S.
  • Sherry C.
  • 6/03
  • 7/18 — Saturday, August 15
  • 7/18
  • 7/18 — Saturday, August 15
  • 7/18 — Wednesday, August 5
  • 7/18 — Wednesday, August 5
  • 7/18
  • 7/18

News and Notes:

All 4 Books in the Bridal Shop Mystery series by Karen Sue Walker are on Kindle Unlimited.

The Cozy CRIT-ters are still staying home and staying safe. Critiquing and camaraderie continue via Zoom virtual meetings. 🙂

Author readings were scheduled for August 2020.

Official Saturday topic discussions have been put on hold until we can meet again in person, but that doesn’t prohibit the spur-of-the-moment discussions.

Events Announcements:

  • Cozy CRIT-ters Writing Sprints: every Friday at 5:00 p.m., via Zoom.
  • SCWA Happy Hour: every Friday at 4:30 p.m., via Zoom. Visit the SCWA website for more information.
  • FREE Online Workshops: 1-hour with Jane K. Cleland, 10:00 a.m. PT. August 15 – “Crafting Evocative Prose, Part One: Tools of the Trade.” September 12 – “Crafting Evocative Prose, Part Two: The Metaphor Machine.” Sign up in advance here.

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